Secure Shipping Internationals’ mission is to ensure that we provide the appropriate security to allow our clients to concentrate on their primary objectives. Our clients appreciate time and again our close contact and pro-active management. A responsive “can do” attitude pervades the entire company, ensuring that despite the inevitable challenges facing maritime security today, clients receive the very best results and attention at all times.

We have offered a comprehensive range of cost effective security support to the maritime industry since 2008. Our vast experience ensures that port facilities, ship owners and operators are confident that their security is in professional hands.

Our security operators are South African and British Ex-Special Forces /Navy, and once on-board will use their training and skills to train crew and increase the defenses of the ship. We provide armed security, provided this is permitted by the Flag Administration and approved by your Insurers.

All our security operators have the necessary industry requirements and experience; MSO training, STCW, Yellow Fever, Seamans’ Books, valid Police Clearance and adhere to strict IMO & BIMCO guidelines on the rules of use of force (RUF) and best management practice (BMP5).

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